Here is our Fit For Duty poster that is available in sizes up to 44×60. We print these on premium glossy poster paper and not the thin paper you are used to seeing posters printed on.  Most people print posters on thin paper because it’s cheap and it requires very little ink to print on. Our glossy premium paper is thicker and glossy and it requires a lot of ink when printing a design on it.  Our posters have so much ink on them that you have to be careful when handling them or you can leave finger-prints.  You will be proud to display these posters on your wall.

We can also print on vinyl self-sticking paper that is unique in that it sticks to to wall much like a sticker. The vinyl is moveable and can be repositioned and it won’t damage your wall and it won’t lose it’s ability to adhere. The vinyl can be put on smooth concrete, drywall, wood, metal and glass.  We can even customize these posters by adding your badge, patch, name, etc for a fee.

Each poster is printed when the order comes in. This assures you get a clean and crisp poster with no dust or damage. We wear special gloves when handling the posters and they get rolled in soft tissue as soon as they roll off the printer.  They are then immediately set inside a protective tube to ensure they arrive to you in mint condition.

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